Clearlake Star Gazing, Developed and Hosted by WCWS

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Picture of Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)

Picture of larger than Earth sunspot that has been battering us with solar flares recently.

HST image of Pismis 26

Clearlake Star Gazing is a fun and educational addition to the entertainment for your next evening event.  Located in Clearlake, California, your star guide Michael is available for Winery Events, Private Parties, Schools, and Community Events throughout Lake County.

This is an experience people will remember for the rest of their life, and will forever associate the memory with your business or brand. 

 per aspera ad astra


Our flagship instrument is a 16" Newtonian on a split ring equatorial mount called Cyclops, but we also have the same size mirror in a more portable telescope, the 16" Lightbridge.  The view through these telescopes is not a little backyard telescope kind of view.  Views are breathtakingly large and bright.  Looking in the eyepiece you have to look around to see it all.  It is like having your face pressed up to a spaceship window.

There is a parallel with astronomy and music: to enter upon the visual experience of looking deep within the night sky one must employ an instrument. Like a fine musical instrument, the telescopic instrument is hand built and consists of a large, long tube and bits of finely crafted wood and metals. There is a balance bar, and the need for tuning of the mirrors. The reed of this instrument is glass, and the result it creates, the fruit of the mechanism and it's various precisely aligned components, is visual instead of aural. Just as a great musical instrument can create a moving experience, so can the view through a great telescope.

Wine Country Star Gazing Meade Lightbridge

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